Laura Avetisyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia.  At the age of 5, she moved to Moscow, Russia where she received her high school education. There Laura graduated from Art School for exceptionally gifted children. Upon her return to Armenia, she continued her studies at the College of Fine Arts in Yerevan.  Avetisyan completed her higher education in art at the Armenian Stat University of Fine Art.  As a talented student, Laura was invited to participate in exhibitions in different countries of Europe, such as Russia, Poland, Germany and France. During her student years her works went as far as North America when she displayed them at the Art EXPO in Montreal and Canada.  After graduating from university, Laura became a professor at the College of Fine Arts in Yerevan, for nearly twenty five years.  Currently Laura Avetisyan resides in Los Angeles, California. Within the last few years, Laura has had numerous solo exhibitions in many cities of US, such as New York City, Detroit, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Her works are on display at prestigious galleries in Carmel and Palm Springs, California.  Several art collectors are proud owners of Laura Avetisyan's exquisite art works. Awards& memberships: 1963- Soviet Union State Diploma for Outstanding Achievement in Fine Arts; 1970- member of the USSR Artists Union; 1982- "Teacher of the year" Award for Outstanding Achievement, Armenian State University of Fine Arts; 1989- "Best Artist of the Year" Award, Yerevan, Armenia; 1995- member of UNESCO.