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Armenia has been acclaimed as an open rocky library due to her rich prehistoric rock carvings dating back to the dawn of civilization.

The Armenian mountains are covered by tens of thousands of prehistoric pictures carved out on rocks and cave walls depicting - humans - tamed and wild animals - birds and reptiles. The geometrical, astrological, and astronomical, as well as written signs are unique and diverse.

The study of these rocks carved pictures reveals that the ancient Armenian highlanders had an advanced knowledge of the universe five to seven thousand years ago. They knew that the earth is spherical and that the sun is surrounded by planets.

Modern scientific research concludes that the sciences of astrology and astronomy, as well as alchemy and medicine, had their origins in Armenia. The animals representing the signs of the zodiac are native to ancient Armenia.

Represented here in jewelry form are a few rock carving images dating between the 5th - 3rd millennia B.C.

All jewelry pieces are made from 100% sterling silver and were crafted in limited edition.